As you present: Here’s how to start any presentation.

How do you start your listing or buyer presentations? How do you start your sales meetings? How do you start your short sales presentation? As newer agents, especially, we tend to want to establish our credibility by talking–a lot. But, that doesn’t work. Why? Our clients stop listening. Quit putting them to sleep! Here is a quick, very effective presentation skill to get their attention and keep them attentive as you reveal your expertise.

Presentation skills–or the lack of them–makes or breaks any classroom or listing experience.

Go ahead. Admit it. The last real estate presentation you attended had you bored to tears,not eager, in the first two minutes! And, it got worse from there……..and it really got worsewhen the presenter said, “We have a lot of material to cover”–and you wished the presenterwould just end it all by throwing a snuggly blanket over all of you…..

Don’t let that presenter be YOU! Here is most important skill you’ll have to master to be one of those exciting salespeople/presenters, not one of the boring ones:Do something to get your audience (can be one seller or buyer–that’s an audience) engaged in the first two minutes of your resentation.

  • Ask a question
  • Get the audience up and moving
  • Do an unexpected warm-up (not that tedious ‘tell us your name….’)
Who needs presentation skills?

You may think that presentation tips are only for those famous keynoters. No….they are for any salesperson who wants to convert a ‘lead’ to a ‘sale’, any manager who wants to train effectively (and have your agents eager to attend training, and anyone who needs to persuade someone in 3 minutes–you title and mortgage reps, for instance).

Want to Put Creative Presentation Methods into YOUR Course?

Unfortunately, most courses are written as ‘factoid streams’–pages and pages of material that suggest the lecturer just drone on. But, that’s not effective in the classroom. How do you change that factoid-heavy, boring course into something exciting? How do you make it a better learning experience?
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Using the course you want to teach, or are teaching, we’ll put in teaching methods that keep the audience’s attention and help them learn better. You’ll get a chance to try it out, and get feedback from Carla, too. Results: It will be much more pleasant for you as an instructor! Space is limited, to register now! $149.
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