I-can-do itAre your thoughts positive or negative? It makes a huge difference to your amount of success.

I’ll bet you’re coming into real estate from a former career–a career where you knew the answers–where you were confident. I came from a two-decade career as a musician (I actually started playing piano when I was four). Then, I went into real estate.  I remember so clearly my first few months as a real estate agent. My favorite phrase was “I don’t know but I’ll find out”. In truth, I knew very little! (and had no training). Sometimes I was so humiliated and frustrated I almost quit. After all, I knew the answers in music. Or, if I didn’t know, I was still confident in my abilities. Not so in real estate. Ring a bell?

It’s easy to focus on what you don’t know, on all the disappointments, the rejection, the feeling that you’ll never ‘get it’. But, that’s the kiss of death. Instead, you have to focus on your strengths.

How to Remember your ‘Wins’

So, how did I keep my spirits high? By remembering my ‘wins’ from my former ‘life’. Keep a Journal of your ‘Wins’ In Up and Running in Real Estate, I advise new agents to keep a ‘motivation journal’, to remember their strengths and keep their spirits high when delving into this challenging–and exciting–new field. Remember, we were all new once! You will find more rejection in real estate sales than you thought possible. Yet, those who persevere create a career with almost unlimited potential. Remember, if you think you can do it, you CAN! P. S. I’ve provided lots of motivation and inspiration for you in Up and Running in Real Estate, too.

thumbnail-1Are You Giving Yourself Every ‘Edge’ to Succeed?

What’s your start-up plan? Do you have one? What are your priorities? Do you know? If you’re wandering around in the vast wasteland of possible activities in real estate, you need some focus. You need guidance. You really need Up and Running in Real Estate. It’s an online program that’s foundationed in a business start-up plan, so you can start when you want and go at your own speed. It will give you the skills, focus, and confidence you need to succeed–fast. So, quit waffling, get committed–and get successful. Check it out now.