Do your presentation skills cost you money?  Sometimes we’re so focused on technology and education that we forget this is a “people business”. And, a great deal of the money you make comes from your ‘point of contact’ skills. What do I mean by that? Lead generating dialogues and presentation dialogues. Yet, how much do we work on those verbal skills? Unfortunately, communication sales skills have gotten short shrift in the last decade. Why? I think it’s because many of us are so challenged by technological changes. But, slow down. Think about how you actually make money. It’s at point of contact. Getting better at point of contact skills translates into more money in less time.

 We’re All Presenters 

Everyone in the real estate business presents: Agents present, when they are doing listing or buyer presentations. Managers present when they are recruiting, or doing their office meetings. Mortgage and title reps present when they are in front of a group of agents in an office, talking about their services. So, doesn’t it make sense to become ‘killer’ at those presentations? You’ll double your money and halve your time. 

Bug Off: I Do Okay Just Like I Am 

Yeah. I know. As a musician, I’ve worked with literally hundreds of people who thought they ‘played good enough’. Some people just get to a certain performance level and leave it there. Have you ever thought that, often, our presentation strategies (or lack of) 

work in spite of us, not because of us?   

As a musician, I know the thrill of performing at high levels. So, open your mind and consider stepping up to a higher presentation level. Not only will you have personal satisfaction, you’ll make more money!

Right now, I’m doing a leadership series called 365 Leadership. I just did a session on creating a listing presentation play-off. This is an awesome leadership action–a way to  help agents get exceptional presentation skills, have fun, and create teamwork. You can see more about 365 Leadership here.  The next full series starts January 2012.

In the next blog, I’ll give you 3 specific methods to increase your presentation skills.