This market has certainly worn us down. I don’t remember any market that has remained this tough this long.  It’s common to be crashing hard against that darn ‘ceiling of achievement’. In fact, you may have been doing it long enough that you have become tired, unhopeful, and even depressed. You may have unconsciously become a ‘resister’, instead of an ‘instigator’.

Retrain that Brain Before you Sink into Permanent Resistance…

Time to retrain your brain. In my next three blogs we’ll investigate the three principles I’ve seen work for both musicians (my personal experience) and real estate professionals. Put these to work and you’ll crash that ceiling of achievement like it was cheap glass. Here’s the first one.

1. Get out of your sleek, spiffy, polished ‘resister car’ and remove your speed barriers

What stops you from getting into action? Pretend that you are in your car, heading to an event you’ve really looked forward to. But, up ahead, there’s a barrier across the road. Do you just sit there and make up reasons why you can’t get to the event? Of course not. You get out of your car, go to that barrier, and move it aside. Let’s do the same for those mental barriers you’ve spent all your energy building up.

What’s your creative sub-conscious taught you to say to resist action?

Getting into action takes guts, it involves risk, and there’s always the danger of failure. Your subconscious rides to the rescue!  It makes up reasons why you just can’t get into action. Here’s an oldie but goodie:

I can’t do that, because I don’t know enough.

Or, maybe your sub-conscious has convinced you that you’re not organized enough to get into action. Or, you’re not perfect enough. You don’t want to be embarrassed, so you’ll wait until you ‘know it all’. All wonderful excuses, but, watch out. Letting our sub-conscious convince us these aren’t excuses—they’re good reasons—puts us into a downward spiral to failure.

Click here to take this ‘resister evaluator’ to see what and how much energy you’re using to resist getting into action.

Managers: This is a great brain teaser for a meeting.

Talk Back

It sounds easy, but your brain has trained itself to give you these messages to stop you from getting into action. You’ll have to practice telling it to ‘shut up’ (nicely, of course) for 30 days to retrain that brain.

A Resource with Inspiration and a Plan

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