When I’m talking with agents, I ask if they received a job description prior to starting to sell real estate. Invariably, the answer is ‘no’. So, let me ask you this? Who would take a job without knowing exactly what was expected ot him/her? I know. It’s not an employee job. It’s an independent contractor job. That’s not a very good answer. Why? Because, you still want to know what you need to do to succeed, don’t you?

High Failure Rate Tells the Story

It’s estimated about 50% of agents fail their first year in the business, and another 25% fail in year two. That’s terrible–for all the parties involved–clients, agents, and the office. So, one of the methods to reduce that failure is to assure agents are going into the business with a clear idea of what constitutes success. What do you do every day to assure you’re successful?

Here’s my prioritized job description for you. 

How to Create your Own Job Description

It’s easy. Just go to your planner and analyze the amount of time you spend in the various business producing or business supporting activities. Prioritize them according to your actual activities. That’s your job description. Now, you can see why you’re making the amount of money you’re making.

A Model: Successful Agents

What do successful agents do more of? Business Producing Activities. Low-producing agents to more business-supporting activities. It’s as simple as that. So, just switch your priorities and time management, and you’re on your way to making lots more money!

Want more information on prioritizing your job? Take a look at Up and Running in 30 Days. I’ve made a start-up (or re-generating) business plan based on a successful agent’s priorites. It works every time.

Don’t forget to get your job description here, too. Provide it to your manager to use in the hiring process to get the right recruits for success.