What do musicians know about real estate? They know about creating high performance. Those concepts and skills are applicable to whatever skill you’re practicing. I know that as a musician-turned-real estate salesperson. Are you performing to your potential? Have you hit a ‘glass ceiling’? Most of us can perform at much higher levels that we really achieve. One of the reasons we can’t achieve higher levels is that we don’t have the skills to change our performance habits. . That leaves us at working harder and longer–that old time management bugaboo.

Who does have those skills? Musicians who attain high levels of performance.

The Attributes to Have in Place to Increase your Performance

Here are the things you need to have in place to change your performance for the better:

1. The training to do whatever you want to master

2. A coach to encourage you, re-direct you, and hold you accountable to your goals

3. Systems to lead you step-by-step to more masterful performance

Get from ‘By Ear’ via your Talent to Conscious Systemization

 As a musician, I know that no one can play very well when they try learning only by hearing (playing ‘by ear’). To progress pass a ‘whiz-bang, aren’t you wonderful’ amateur level, musicians must learn to read music, get a great teacher, and learn to practice perfectly. Generally, their teacher/coach will teach them how to practice, and provide the best editions of music. They will teach them with a specific system. The better the system, the coach, the music, and the practice, the higher the performance—the sky is the limit.

The First Time You Do Something Isn’t As Good as it Gets!

What does that mean to a real estate professional? Most of us started selling or managing ‘by ear’. Some of us were talented, and that carried us pretty well for quite a while. But, then, we hit our ‘ceiling of achievement’, and found we were working 24/7 and expending way too much energy—and money. The way out:

  1.  Grasp systems (the best systems you can find)
  2. Follow processes and checklists
  3. Get a great coach
  4. Practice as perfectly as you can

Practitioners—Watch Those Actions, Not Just the Words

 Unfortunately, we real estate professionals don’t realize that we are judged on our performance, not our knowledge. So, when you get all antsy because you think you need more classes, stop and think about your performance level, not your knowledge level. Spend more time evaluating your performance, and pay someone to coach to you get better (all performers, whether musicians or golfers, do this, by the way). Critique your systems, and keep refining them because they will subconsciously affect your performance levels.

If I had a piano, I’d demonstrate these points (I do use the piano in the keynote!).

What Do You Want to Work on This Year—from ‘By Ear’ to Systematic?

 Do you have some business plan goals for yourself this year to raise your ceiling of achievement? What do you believe is most valuable for you to work on?

Remember, if you’re a newer agent, you’ll be tempted to hang back, keep your fingers off the keys, and wait for something different–or better–to happen to you. Don’t get tempted! Put to work these performance principles and see your 2010 improve dramatically.