man jumping through paperAre you stuck in ‘just good enough’? Do you want to break through to mastery? Break through that ceiling of achievement? Here are 4 steps that work.

Do you wonder why some agents seem to effortlessly get a marketable listing, or always sell the buyer they’re working with? Is it magic, or is it mastery? It may look easy, but it’s probably hard work, tenacity, and, most important of all—practice. I understand mastery, for I earned a bachelor’s degree in piano performance, and taught college-level piano and flute for several years. Ironically, you wouldn’t expect to play the piano well without practicing—for months, if not years. But, agents expect to master sales skills without practice. Why? Because, it seems easy to talk, so it must be easy to sell. Here are 4 tips I’ve learned from the world of performing that are directly applicable to the world of sales mastery:

          1. Spaced repetition is key to mastering skills. Practice a bit of the sales skill. Leave it, then return to it after a day. You’ll get better fast.

Question: Do you practice what you learned in class, or do you just ‘wing it’ in the field with a real live person? Would you expect your airline pilot to do the same?

          2. Practice with a coach. Who would expect to learn to play the piano with mastery without a master-level piano teacher? Sales skills require practice, too, with a master instructor.

          3. Don’t expect to just hear it, then do it. You can’t learn to play the piano by listening to a concerto, and you can’t learn sales skills just by hearing someone else. Hearing is the first step. Doing it is the next.

          4.  Don’t expect to do it well the first time. Tolerate your mistakes—but don’t settle for just good enough. Mastery requires tenacity and determination. Only you can know how good you’re going to be at the end!

Put these steps to work and tell me how it makes a difference in your performance–in your ability to break through that ceiling of achievement. It works. I promise you. I know from the field of practice in music!

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